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50 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size ø 5,9 mm | 2 eri väriä

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XTRA Slim Size Filter in a pack of 50!

PURIZE smallest filter is delivered in a re-sealable and practical 50 pack storage bag. You can also get our 50 in all available colours: pink, organic, blue, green and of course in the classic white design! Our storage bag not only ensures that your filters are presented in a nice way, but also creates the best storage conditions for your filters and protects them perfectly from external influences. This way you will have something of your activated carbon filters for a long time and can transport them carefree!
Coconut-based activated carbon significantly reduces the harmful substances and provides you with a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. Our activated carbon filters are suitable for ALL kinds of self-rolled! We also have something special for you when it comes to handling: Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no need to pay attention to the direction of insertion and you may save yourself annoying "construction work".
PURIZE® Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and are "Made in Germany". 

  • Suitable for all self-twisted
  • Noticeably milder smoking experience
  • High quality activated carbon
  • Best filter properties
Dimensions: ø 5,9 mm x 26,9 mm.
Filling: coconut-based activated carbon.
Filter types: XTRA Slim Size (ø 5,9 mm)
Type of packaging: PE bag
Type of packaging: 50er