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Diffusor-putki Alumiini Setti (2x) musta

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Stylish as well as practical kit with two diffuser adapters made of coloured, satin-gloss aluminum. Both adapters are for standard grindings 19 bongs. While one is also suitable for bowls, bangers, etc. with SG 19, the other one gives hold to bowls, bangers, etc. with SG 14. The practical highlight:

Each adapter consists of 5 elements screwed together, including a diffuser element. Since these are precisely processed standard threads, the parts can be exchanged and connected as required. So you can vary the length and put together the optimal length for your waterpipe. The shortest possible length is 25mm, the longest possible length is 210mm.

Length:133mm, 126mm or variable
Grind:For SG 19/14 and SG 19/19
Other:Interchangeable Elements with Diffusor Slits
Info:Set 1x2pcs in a Gift Box
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