BL' Glass Bong Ice LED-Light black 51cm

BL' Glass Bong Ice LED-Light Black 52cm

Sisältää veron.

The 'Flashing' icebong from 'Black Leaf' turns smoky chambers into colourful disco temples! Two coloured LED lights, which are located in the bong base, ensure luminous enlightning of the rich but matt neon colour. So it is not possible to overlook the water pipe in billows of smoke.

The bong is hand made of borosilicate glass.It can be filled with ice cubes.
For the final hit, there is a kickhole. The centrical kickhole is suitable for right handers and sinistrals as well. As the LEDs are integrated protected, the icebong is very easy to clean as usual. The light unit has 3 button batteries LR44. It can be easily taken out for cleaning or change of batteries and has 7 different settings.

Note: We assume no liability for the battery charge condition!

Attention: Please clean the outer coated parts of the bong with water! Do not use aggressive detergents or scratch it with sharp objects!