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'Black Leaf' 'King Egg' Oil Bong Percolator 160mm

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This absolutely cute 'King Egg' bubbler from Black Leaf® is a dab rig to smoke extracts like oil and wax. The borosilicate glass pipe is equipped with a banger, an oil nail and a dome. So that the smoke is not too hot, the sweet chick inside the bong is a percolator. This brings the bong water to bubble and thus ensures cooling.

It's that easy: Put the banger or the nail into the bong, heat the pan with a gas burner, let it cool down briefly, put oil on the pan with the appropriate tool. Then put the dome on to provide for a stronger smoke development and inhale the developing smoke.

The oil nail must be heated only at the pan (the banger at the underside), otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.