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Royal Queen Seeds

HulkBerry 3kpl (Royal Queen Seeds)

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BREEDER/BRAND Royal Queen Seeds
AKA Bruce Banner #3
GENETICS OG Kush (Ghost OG phenotype) x Strawberry Diesel
VARIETY Mostly Sativa
SEX Feminised
YIELD Indoors: 400 - 500 gr/m2
PLANT HEIGHT Indoors: 60 - 140 cm
FLOWERING TIME 63 - 70 days
HulkBerry is the fusion of Colorado’s dankest cannabis breeding stock. The prized Ghost OG cut and the fruitiest Strawberry Diesel cultivar collided to smash open a new dank dimension from which Hulkberry emerged. Samples of HulkBerry have tested as high as 28% THC and were previously reserved exclusively for the top shelf of well-stocked Colorado dispensaries. 
Under a standard 12-12 light schedule, HulkBerry will complete bloom, bursting with frosty buds in 9–10 weeks. Expect colas to stretch and swell significantly during flowering like OG Kush. Even veteran Kush growers will be impressed with the heavyweight harvest potential. HulkBerry can smash a SOG or a SCRoG.
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