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Aca-Dos Delight

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Genealogy: Indica/Sativa hybrid.

Flowering time: 55-60 days

Potency: 25%-30% THC

Aroma: Berry, Citrus, Fuel, Fruity, Tropical

Effects: Relaxation, Euphoria, High, Motivation


Aca-Dos Delight is an exotic indica dominant hybrid combining both indica and sativa genetics. This unique strain has a smooth, fruity aroma with sweet, berry, fuel and tropical notes. Enjoy a relaxing and euphoric buzz that will have you feeling uplifted and motivated.

Growing Traits:

Aca-Dos Delight is an indica dominant hybrid with an exotic and unique scent. It is easy to grow, resistant to disease and pest, and typically grows tall and bushy. It's recommended for indoor and outdoor growers and has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks.

 Organoleptic Properties:

Aca-Dos Delight has a smooth, fruity aroma with sweet, berry, fuel and tropical notes. The buds have a pungent smell and are completely covered with resin. Perfect for extractions. The flavor is sweet and slightly nutty with hints of berries.


Aca-Dos Delight produces a relaxing and euphoric buzz that can lift your mood and boost your motivation. This strain can help reduce stress and anxiety while providing an uplifting stimulant effect. Enjoy a soothing body buzz that lasts for hours.