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Apple Fritters

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Apple Fritter is a direct descendant of both Diesel and Cookies genetic lines. Specifically, it's the direct offspring of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, two popular hybrids treasured for their unique aromas and strong effects.

Apple Fritter's first parent, Sour Apple, is a cross of Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99, initially bred by Top Shelf Seeds. As its name suggests, it boasts a rich aroma of caramelized and spiced apples and pungent diesel fuel. Originally, Top Shelf's Sour Apple was only available as a clone, but other seedbanks have since gone on to offer variations of this strain in both feminized and auto seed form.

Apple Fritter's second parent is Animal Cookies, a direct descendant of the legendary GSC genetic line. Also known as Animal Crackers, Animal Cookies is a potent hybrid bred from GSC and Fire OG. It boasts sweet dessert overtones with earthy undertones and hints of sourness, and its effects are very heavy—ideal for a quiet evening on the couch.

Unfortunately, the original Apple Fritter by Lumpy's Flowers isn't available for purchase in seed form. However, other seedbanks offer their own unique versions of Apple Fritter, all of which offer slightly different grow traits and physical characteristics.

In general, Apple Fritter is a moderately-sized strain. It produces bright-green foliage and leaves with a typically hybrid shape that falls somewhere between the fine leaves of a sativa and the thicker appearance of an indica. Apple Fritter plants usually reach heights of 120–150cm, which is also fairly normal for modern hybrids.

Many growers find that Apple Fritter plants have some clear indica traits, particularly a stocky/bushy structure and fast flowering time. They also develop only a few side branches, though topping, LST, and super cropping may help encourage different growth profiles.

Come harvest time, Apple Fritter plants usually take on darker hues as they use up energy stores in their leaves. Their branches typically grow heavy with dense, gray-green flowers with fiery red pistils and a shiny coating of glassy resin. Some Apple Fritter varieties may also develop beautiful dark purple hues.

Apple Fritter is a very potent, high-THC cannabis strain. It regularly produces up to 24% THC, though some varieties reportedly test as high as 30%. It is generally low in secondary cannabinoids like CBD and CBN, contributing to the strain's strong cerebral effect. Thanks to its high resin production, Apple Fritter is also rich in terpenes, particularly pinene, caryophyllene, and limonene—all contributing to its intense aromas.

As its name suggests, Apple Fritter boasts a delicious fruity aroma with slightly acidic/sour undertones reminiscent of tart green apples. Users with a trained nose may also pick up on more subtle aromas of black pepper and spice (such as cinnamon) as well as cookies.

While different varieties of Apple Fritter may obviously produce slightly different effects, the strain is generally renowned for inducing a strong mental euphoria that rapidly washes over the body to create a warming and relaxing sensation. For users with a light to moderate tolerance, Apple Fritter will likely produce a sleepy, couch-lock effect.

However, seasoned smokers with a higher tolerance can ride out the couch-lock effect, leaving them feeling uplifted, talkative, and even creative. Given its potential for a strong physical stone, Apple Fritter might not be ideal for daytime use (though this may depend on your personal experience with cannabis).