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Pure Instinto

Apple OG

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Pure Instinto

Apple OG FEM

Apple OG is the result from crossing the top strains Kosher Kush with the MK-13 (G-13 x OG Kush). The outcome is a hybrid strain with indica-dominant characteristics, with a distinctive citrus aroma reminiscent of sour apples. 

Organoleptic properties

This strain stands out for its stable hybrid structure, controlled flowering period and ease of cultivation, perfect for newbies or experienced growers. A perfectly balanced variety, with a fast flowering period, good producer and a flavorful aroma, meant for lovers of strong fruity genetics.


It has a strong effect coming from its Sativa and Indica side, perfect for moments of euphoria but also before going to sleep. 

Cultivation traits

Apple OG has an indica structure being a relatively small branched plant that does not exceed 1.50m indoors. Lower branches can be pruned without problem in SOG crops.

During its flowering period this genetics produces very compact buds coated with resin, giving it a shiny appearance and making this strain perfect for extractions. 

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and is harvested in about 58-63 days, producing around 350 g/m2 indoors and 450 gr per plant grown outdoors.