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Dutch Passion

Auto CBD-Victory (Dutch Passion)

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Auto CBD-Victory is an easy-to-grow CBDV-rich autoflower seed, suitable for beginners as well as for experts and licensed producers

• This is a vigorous plant with a good yield. A true light-feeder, she does well indoors and in greenhouses, but can even be grown outdoors in a wide variety of conditions

• Auto CBD-Victory is known for its demonstrably high CBDV/CBD content averaging between 4-6% for each. THC content is less than 0.3%

Auto CBD-Victory is a beautiful hybrid CBDV-rich autoflower seed with a distinctive terpene profile. The most common terpenes are; myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, bisabolol and humulene. Her fragrance profile is most similar to a traditional Sativa strain with woody notes of pine, conifer and eucalyptus. Some phenotypes have sweet and sour notes reminiscent of balsamic vinegar.

The aroma is certainly present but not extremely penetrating, it is a pleasant subtle scent. The taste of this CBD-rich autoflower is floral, woody with slightly sour and sweet, fruity notes. Very soft on the throat, the more fruity plants sometimes taste like a combination of lemon and rose. All in all, quite complex. Auto CBD-Victory has a terpene profile that you are sure to enjoy!