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Pure Instinto

Cherry Cookies

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Pure Instinto

Cherry Cookies FEM

Cherry Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid and one of the newest strains added into our catalogue. We have chosen it due to its beautiful looking flowers and tasty flavors. It is a cross of high genetic value that preserves a characteristic purple color, its intense cherry aroma and large amount of resin.

Organoleptic properties

As the name suggests, the Cherry Cookies fragrance is a blended scent of sweet cherries and tart fruitiness. The white trichomes bring earthy undertones, while the traces of Skunk #1 in its lineage comes through with hints of skunky florals. These elements come together to create a sweet and fruity aroma of cherries that combine perfectly with the gassy undertone of its Kush heritage.


Cherry Cookies is ideal if you have a low tolerance to THC as it provides a potent high without the inadvertent paranoia that comes with potent strains. But don't let this fool you though, you won't find yourself stuck on the couch or pulling down the blinds, but the physical high will have you leaning towards low effort tasks. 

 Among its effects, we can highlight some as high relaxation capacity, feeling of happiness and creativity.

Grow traits

It is a relatively simple cultivar with a predominantly indica structure, with bushy shape but good branching capacity. Leaves are wide and of good size, loaded with resin. It is one of the best resin producers in our entire catalog, making it ideal for extractions.

The Cherry Cookies plant is identifiable by large, spade-shaped flowers entwined with flaming orange pistils. These emerald buds drip with pearly white trichomes, a teaser of her psychoactive qualities. When you expose the buds to cold temperatures during the blooming stage, they also present streaks of purple.

This strain needs a stable environment to thrive, which can be tough outdoors. Always keep the environment semi-humid, and the temperature a constant 21°C-26°C.

The plant reaches only medium heights, and the buds grow closely together in a dense formation, making indoor growing very manageable.

The buds are so firmly compacted, you may have some trouble breaking them apart, but don’t let this deter you, the end result is worth the extra effort.