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Cookies x Gorilla

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Kani Collection

Cookies X Gorilla

Gorilla Cookies is a sativa-dominant cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and a reversed Thin Mints pheno-type of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Two of the greatest and most sought-after cannabis strains of recent years have been crossed producing this vigorous variety.

Indoors, flowering lasts for 60 days or so. Carbon air filters are advised because the smell is very strong. This is a strain that stretches quite a bit once flowering has got going so it is recommended to plan to train the branches, such as a SCRoG set-up for example. Yields are above average.

The dense buds retain a greasy, oily quality which produces the pungent smoke or vapour. THC content is unknown but clearly high.

The taste is rich and earthy with notes of mint and wood. The effect is very potent being both euphoric and relaxing with an expansive clarity.

Gorilla Cookies has a relaxing quality which is good for the relief of stress.