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Kaninkolo Elite

Frosted Zin x Thin mint Autoflower

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Frosted Zin x Thin mint Autoflower on alla olevien lajikkeiden risteytys.

Frosted Zin Auto:
Plant structure: Large, sprawling plants that usually exceed 100cm in height and can reach 90cm in diameter.
Flower appearance: Large kolas at the end of every branch, flowers are light green in color with hints of magenta, buds are incredibly resinous, absolutely glistening with trichomes, and are spongy yet dense.
Aroma: Deep earthy, grape musk and grape leaf Mold resistance: Good
Average yield per plant: 4 oz
Potency: 17-20%
Sprout to Harvest: 70-80 days

Thin Mint:
Plant structure: Tall plants, averaging 100-140cm in height and 90 cm in diameter.
Flower appearance: Extremely dense and resinous flowers, violet in color with lime green highlights, golf-ball to racket-ball sized nugs very conducive to mechanized trimming.
Aroma: Dead on GSC with notes of fuel Mold resistance: Good
Average yield per plant: 3.5-4 oz Potency: 18-22%
Sprout to Harvest: 75-85 days