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Pure Instinto

Grateful End OG

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Pure Instinto

Grateful End OG FEM

Grateful End OG is a perfect strain for those looking for a strong Kush taste and effect variety.

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with parent strains of Grateful Dawg, The White, and Sour Diesel x Flo.

Organoleptic properties

The appearance of this strain is impressive to say the least. It produces long and tight buds with lots of long thin orange hairs and amber crystal trichomes that covering them. 

The strain could easily be mistaken with the OG Kush but it offers a very different high as it is much stronger. 

The terpene profile of Grateful End OG is Myrcene and Limonene being prevalent.

Upon the exhale-, expect a citrus and diesel flavor with a hint of sour flavor. Citrus and diesel are also prevalent in its aroma.  


The THC percentage is 27 to 30 which is by no means low. The high starts with a lifted euphoric effect that eases its way into your mind, filling it with an almost gentle sense of euphoria.

Growing Traits

She's a strong plant that keeps a medium height and fairly strong lateral branching. The plant enjoys a regular defoliation. It is a heavy producer and if it is grown in optimal conditions, you can expect to have a large yield of flowers.