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Insanity OG

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Genealogy: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Flowering time: 58-63 Days

Potency: 30% THC

Aroma: Pungent, Fuel, Spicy, Skunk

Effects: Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting, Strong


Insanity OG is an exotic indica dominant hybrid with a potent punch. It has a skunky aroma and spicy undertones. This strain can reach extremely high levels of THC that will leave you feeling relaxed and tranquil. Not recommended for newbies!

Growing Traits:

Insanity OG is fairly easy to grow and perfect for beginner and experienced growers alike. This strain has a medium-high flowering time and is known for its compact nugs and thick resinous coat. It grows in tight spirals and long stems that support the heavy buds. This strain is best grown indoors or outdoors in temperate climates with rich soil.

Organoleptic Properties:

Insanity OG has a skunky aroma with notes of spiciness and fuel. The flavor is quite pungent with a sweet yet earthy taste that lingers on the tongue. It has a smooth smoke that tastes sweet on the exhale.


Insanity OG provides a potent body high along with calming and uplifting mental effects. The high begins with a wave of relaxation washing away any traces of stress and tension. An uplifting sensation will follow as an influx of creativity and energy flows through your body. Your mood will be elevated, and a feeling of tranquility comes over you. This is a perfect strain to enjoy during a night of relaxation.