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Pure Instinto

King's Banner

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Pure Instinto

King´s Banner FEM

Coming from a cross between Louie Dom and Bruce Banner, King's Banner is a strain that leans slightly towards the indica side and is loved by its fans for its potency, testing as high as 30% THC in some cases, making this prominent and potent weed not for novice users.

Organoleptic properties 

Its unique flavor profile includes an earthy taste with a citrus aftertaste. Users can expect a sharp scent that envelopes the room right away and carries the aroma of pine.


Kings Banner provides a potent punch that will leave smokers locked on the couch. Meanwhile, users report a strong feeling of euphoria and happiness. Its body high appears from tingling the head and spreading through the whole body ending in toes. A full-body relaxation is guaranteed. 

Growing traits

This variety grows strongly but does not stretch as much in flowering as other American strains. It stands out for its good production and its ability to develop a high concentration of high-quality resin. 

Expect to see fairly short compact plants with a flowering time of 9 weeks, because yields are heavy with this strain, make sure the plants are well supported to handle the weight of the buds.