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Pure Instinto

Mandarine Cream Autoflower

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Pure Instinto


Perfect for discerning consumers, Mandarine Cream Auto is an autoflowering plant, strained from Cream Caramel Auto hybridized with an elite clone of the ICE COOL variety that, we assure you, will not leave you indifferent: its intense tangerine flavor with citrus flashes lives up to its name and its high percentage of indica will lead you to another world with a state of full relaxation, even for those expert smokers.

This variety produces large very compact buds loaded with crystallized resin with a strong citrus aroma.

If you’re looking for a vigorous growing plant, with powerful effects and exceptional flavor, you’ve just found it!

Organoleptic properties

If something stands out is its intense tangerine flavor, which together with its pleasant aroma with lemon-lime nuances, will trigger a citrus explosion with a penetrating smoke suitable for the most demanding palates.


Its powerful and brutal results make us recommend this variety to expert consumers looking to immerse themselves in a world of pleasure and relaxation. Perfect to end the day and let yourself be carried away by its effects.

Growing traits

It is characterized by its easy cultivation and its good adaptation to the environment. It can reach a height between 50 – 110 cm, and in indoor plantations produces between 400 and 550 grams per m2, being 45 – 170 grams per plant outdoors. The harvest in both environments is 9 weeks from germination.