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Pure Instinto

Mimosa Cake Autoflower

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Pure Instinto

Mimosa Cake Auto FEM

Mimosa Cake Auto is a hybrid sativa dominant strain (65% Sativa 35% Indica) created by crossing the varieties Mimosa and Wedding Cake. 

Organoleptic properties

Most growers love her due to the big amount of resin that produces and its high terpene profile dominated by citrus notes on a sweet and diesel hints.


This auto strain has a THC level of 22%, with a balanced high and relaxing effect promoting concentration and a good chat with friends.

Growing traits

It is a strong plant with medium size that it can reach up to 120cm when cultivated outdoor, developing a long central colas accompanied by a equilibrate structure of the secondary branches. It is pretty easy to cultivate and it can offer a yield of up to 60-120g per plant outdoors, and a yield of up to 450-550g per m2 in indoor. Mimosa Cake Auto has a complete growing cycle of about 9 weeks.