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Pringles Kätkö

Normaalihinta €37,90 EUR
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Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
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Material:Paper, Aluminium
English Label
Height:Outside 250mm Inside 130mm
Diameter:Outside 75mm
miscellaneous:Capacity ca. 190ml
Hiding place for valuables, cash, juwelry etc. Ideal for car, caravan, camping, hotel room, house, apartment, office etc. The hiding place is in the bottom, you just have to unscrew the lid. The hollow space is about 130mm long with a diameter of 60mm (opening: 43mm). The stash box does not discriminate from the original as the container and the labelling are made by the original producer. Even the rustling sounds like real crisps.

Attention: These are original cans. The cans can show slight dents or traces of usage!