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Pure Instinto

Pure Ice Cream

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Pure Instinto


What do you think happens when we combine the strains Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint? That we get as a result a powerful indica dominant hybrid, inheriting the best genetics of each parent. With more than 20% THC, you will be amazed by its intense and spectacular aroma and flavor. With a structure that reminds us of a Christmas tree, her flowers have a dark-bluish color, and its buds are covered with crystals, a clue that warns us about its powerful effect that will lead you to a high state of euphoria. 

Organoleptic properties

Without a doubt, Pure Ice-Cream will make your mouth water: flavored with chocolate and menthol nuances, the perfect combination that will make you enjoy not only its effects but its flavor and  sensations that will trigger on your palate.

One of its remarkable advantages is its incredible aromatic profile that impresses by its incredible intensity. In it we can highlight sweet, gassy, resin and pine notes.


With lasting and peaceful effect, you will notice how its indica part will lead you to a state of relaxation that you will not want to leave. Perfect for veteran smokers looking for a powerful effect that will leave you dazed.

Growing traits

During the vegetative period, Pure Ice-Cream shows some of the gifts that it possesses of vegetative growth. Its flowering period is around 9/10 weeks, in which the plant grows strongly, doubling its height in good growing conditions. Its structure is branched, with very strong side branches and large leaves whose population should be reduced to increase production.

The indoor production hovers around 450/500 gr per m2, reaching outdoors 800 grams per plant, this plant has a high tolerance against pests.