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Shiazo Höyrykivet Minttu 100g

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'Shiazo' Steam Stones Mint - the mode of operation of 'Shiazo' is the same as for the so called electronic cigarettes. In both cases, an evaporation of fog liquids takes place. 'Shiazo' does not generate smoke, because smoke is defined as a combustion product of organic substances with a mixture of solid particles and air. 'Shiazo' is also free of nicotine. By using 'Shiazo' with an electronic charcoal instead of real charcoal also no heavy metals or carbon monoxide occurs either. Therefore, 'Shiazo' is comparable to an electronic cigarette and in addition to that it is completely free of nicotine. 'Shiazo' is not affected by regulations of the tobacco industry. Therefore no tobacco duty is charged and the usage inside public buildings such as shisha lounges and bars is possible.

The 'Shiazo' minerals are 100% natural. Once prepared, the diameters of the mineral pores are below one nanometre and therefore enhance the effective surface area to more than the 20,000th of its original size. That is why 'Shiazo' is able to absorb liquids very efficiently. Open spaces between the steam stones are created when putting them into the bowl loosely. Once heated, the temperature will rise until boiling point of the liquid is reached. The aromatic vapour is then produced, ready to breathe. Made in Germany.