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Pure Instinto


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Pure Instinto

Shiskaberry FEM

Shiskaberry is a heavily indica-dominant strain with powerful sedating and soporific effects. Don't be fooled by this strain's enticingly sweet and fruity fragrance; it is incredibly potent! 

Organoleptic properties

It has a tropical fruit juice aroma with strawberry, pineapple and some earthy nuances present in some phenotypes. In the mouth it has spectacular flavors that make smokers with demanding palates fall in love.


Initially, Shiskaberry effects are uplifting and euphoric. Users say that this strain boosts their mood and puts a smile on their face. Its early effects are characterized by a clear-headed high, which leads to a short-term increase in focus.

As time passes, Shiskaberrys’ indica effects begin to take over, and soon, you will start to feel deeply relaxed. Your body will start to feel heavier and heavier, and you’ll want to sit back and relax.

Growing traits

Great vegetative vigor with a good internodal distance. It tends to stretch in a contained way and is highly productive during the first weeks of flowering, so it is interesting to make sure to prune well and to root it correctly. Good production of leaves, resin and large flowers that tend to tighten with good growing conditions.

Shiskaberry acquires the shape of a squat and compact bush growing no more than 120 cm. In less than 8 weeks, her entire body gets full of purplish flowers boasting a shiny layer of resin and fruity aromas.

Her yield is more than satisfactory, perfect for quality extractions at home. Resistant to mold, she thrives both indoors and outdoors, although she loves growing in dry, temperate climes. With this strain, even inexperienced growers will obtain outstanding results.