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Stash Tube 4+

Normaalihinta €12,90 EUR
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Recommended to use with the hero combuster.

The Stash-Tube 4+ is an ideal addition to any combustor in our range. With this Tube, you always have a spare supply of herbs in your pocket. So you can enjoy your favorite herbs anytime and anywhere. The Stash-Tube 4+ is 6 cm long and weighs only 11 grams. Thanks to the handy key ring on the Stash Tube, it's easy to take with you on the go.

This lightweight aluminum tube with easy-to-use screw cap comes in the shape of a handy key ring. This makes lost or stray bags of herbs a thing of the past. The Stash-Tube 4+ is only available in black.

The Stash-Tube 4+ comes standard with 4 reusable capsules. These reusable capsules can easily be cleaned with cleaning alcohol. We recommend doing this after 5-10 uses.