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Pure Instinto

Sticky Gorilla 4#

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Pure Instinto


We present to you one of our crown jewels: the Sticky Gorilla #4.

From a cross between the strains Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel and Chem Sister, all of them of great potential, resulting in a hybrid strain with a content of 60% indica 40% sativa and a THC level that reaches 28%.

Its name is not a coincidence and is due to the high level of resin it generates that makes it worthy of the nickname "Sticky". If you try it, you will agree with us.

Organoleptic properties

Sticky Gorilla #4 stands out among other things for its powerful terpene profile which has citrus, spicy, and earthy aromas. The intense aroma of gas is also very characteristic. A variety able to fill the mouth with flavor and provide an incredible sensory experience.


Thanks to its enormous concentration of cannabinoids, the Sticky Gorilla #4 generates an intense energizing effect of euphoria and relaxation while it can leave you "stuck" to the couch for several hours. Perfect for parties or moments of laughter with friends. A perfect ally against daily stress, pain or depression.

Growing traits

It’s a plant of strong structure, with numerous branches and medium-high size.

During growth and until the third week of flowering it branches with energy. It produces thick and robust stems, but it is advisable to stake or net it to ensure maximum production. It is very important to prune and ensure that all flowers receive an adequate amount of light. Its flowers are covered with a brutal amount of thick and very aromatic resin as it reaches the optimum ripening point.

Easy to grow and with a flowering time that is around 8/9 weeks, indoors is a perfect strain for SCROG crops due to its high branching, and its indoor production is around 450 grams/m2.

Outdoors, this plant grows great in any climate, although it gives it’s best in those with hot temperate, where we can get between 650/750 gr per plant.

In wet areas it is recommended to exercise caution with fungi because of how compact their flowers are.