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Tropical Runtz(Runtz x Tropicana Cookies)

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Despite her sativa-dominant nature, Tropical Runtz features more of an indica-like morphology. Plants grow in a compact pattern with a bushy stature. Her internodes aren’t as long as with many other sativa varieties, and her stems are thick and strong. However, her sativa side certainly shows in her leaves, which feature thin leaflets.

Tropical Runtz grows to varying heights depending on a host of environmental variables. Grow it indoors in a small pot, and plants will top out at around 100cm. When grown directly in the ground outdoors, or in large raised beds with room to spread their roots, plants will grow much taller to 180cm and beyond.

Tropical Runtz starts out life in a shade of luscious green. Considering she stays healthy throughout the vegetative and early flowering phase, she maintains this appearance up until the tail-end of the flowering phase. At this point, she becomes adorned with shades of deep purple. High concentrations of purple flavonoid pigments known as anthocyanins underpin these eye-catching tones.

As plants near harvest, they exhibit large colas towards the top of the plant alongside smaller “popcorn buds” that grow lower down. These flowers feature a medium trichome density, exhibiting a generous coating of resin at the end of the blooming phase.

Tropical Runtz’s massive THC content of 24% synergises with energetic terpenes such as limonene, giving rise to a stimulating and uplifting high. Pair these buds with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning for an electrifying effect! The surge in energy that many users experience when using Tropical Runtz also makes them more talkative. You’ll find yourself wanting to chat away about everything from the flavor profile of the joint in your hands to deep philosophical questions. This trait makes Tropical Runtz ideal for parties and social gatherings, especially when there are a bunch of new people to meet.