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enviro ET30 Ilmapumppu 25w 30l/min @ (0.12 bar)(8kpl ilmakiviä)

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The Enviro ET30 air pump helps to increase oxygen levels through aeration in both hydroponic systems and ponds. Providing a clean oil free air source, it is exceptionally quiet in operation, as low as 35dB even when running continuously. The ET30 is easy to service with a competitively priced service kit and is also supported by our two year warranty.

Product Type: Air

Max Flow: 30 Litres per minute

Max Pressure: 0.15 bar

Weight: 4.0 kilograms

Dimensions (LxWxH): 208 x 150 x 178mm

Connector Size: 14mm

Accessories Included: screw in barbed connector, L shape connector

Power: 25W

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