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Kosteudensäätäjä 8g Integra Boost 62%

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To store flower optimally so that they do not mold, dry out or even lose their effect, the humidity in the storage container should always be between 55% - 62%.

'Integra Boost' Humidiccant by 'Desiccare, Inc.' uses patented technology that either releases moisture or absorbs moisture when needed and maintains the relative humidity in a contained environment at 55% or even 62%. Which of them to choose depends on your own preference and the kind of flower. Both are safe because both are in the ideal range.

Due to this 2-way regulation of moisture, the flower have the best conditions during storage to maintain and even improve (by fermentation) the effect, aroma, freshness, taste, smell and colour. The usage is more than easy:

Simply add boost pack to the storage container. 8g 'Integra Boost' are sufficient for about 12g - 28g of flower. The enclosed indicator shows immediately if the relative humidity is no longer optimal and the boost pack has to be replaced. The boost pack contains no salts but a plant-based solution with glycerol and water. The packaging is printed with food grade colours so there is no harm to the flower. The boost pack is biodegradable, tear-resistant and splash-proof, too. It remains flexible and prevents the contents from leaking.

With 'Integra Boost' flower remain fresh, effective and get agreeably mild in taste (because with successful fermentation the contained chlorophyll is removed) - in the easiest but safe way!