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Kaninkolo Elite

Sour Pinot x Thin Mint Autoflower

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Sour Pinot x Thin mint Autoflower on alla olevien lajikkeiden risteytys.

Sour Pinot Auto:
Plant structure: Tall, skinny plant usually exceeding 90cm in height and approximately 60cm in diameter. Very upright in structure with most branches being just slightly shorter than central kola.
Flower appearance: Slightly more green flower phenotypes than purple flower phenos, very dense flowers, extreme trichome coverage, GSC-like golf-ball buds with tight node spacing all the way down branches.
Aroma: Sweet and sour grape candy with notes of chocolate Mold resistance: Very Good
Average yield per plant: 3 oz
Potency: 18-22%
Sprout to Harvest: 70-80 days

Thin Mint:
Plant structure: Tall plants, averaging 100-140cm in height and 90cm in diameter.
Flower appearance: Extremely dense and resinous flowers, violet in color with lime green highlights, golf-ball to racket-ball sized nugs very conducive to mechanized trimming.
Aroma: Dead on GSC with notes of fuel Mold resistance: Good
Average yield per plant: 3.5-4 oz Potency: 18-22%
Sprout to Harvest: 75-85 days